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2019 Books in Review

I use Goodreads to track my reading through the year. I decided last year that I would keep my reading goal at fifty books a year. Not too crazy but still a little ambitious for my lifestyle.

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Diptyque 2020 Rose Collection: Paris En Fleur

Happy Valentine’s Day guys and girls from me and my favorite candle brand. I hope everyone had a good week!

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Mexico City, Mexico: 19.4326° N, 99.1332° W

I saw the last installment of Bad Boys a couple weeks ago and it reminded me that I hadn’t posted about my last trip in 2019.

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Diptyque 2019 Holiday Collection

Diptyque’s holiday theme for 2019 was Lucky Charms. They collaborated with German artist Olaf Hajek.

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Summer B Reading

I realized as we head into winter that I never did my follow up summer reading post. So, here you go 😉.

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