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Diptyque 2019 Holiday Collection

Diptyque’s holiday theme for 2019 was Lucky Charms. They collaborated with German artist Olaf Hajek.

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Summer B Reading

I realized as we head into winter that I never did my follow up summer reading post. So, here you go 😉.

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Kbshimmer nail polish review – Little Boy Hue

Sometimes I get up early enough to catch the sky just as the moon is taking off her makeup before going to bed. 

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What I ate in Greece this summer

This summer I went to one of my favorite corners of the world. I think you can see from this post why I keep going back.

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Never Let Me Go- Book Review

I hate saying I’m busy. I think we have a tendency to glorify busy. Just think about the last time you asked someone how they were doing. I’m pretty sure they didn’t tell you they were getting 8 hours sleep a night, eating nutrient rich foods, drinking 8 glasses of water and just generally caught up in all areas of their life.

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