Workouts- June 2011 Goals

Exercise is very important to me. It’s something I do regularly. I started tracking my workouts to keep a record of what I was doing, and identify any areas of opportunity. I use a Weekly/Monthly 3×6 Blue Sky ( Planner that I got at Target. I set a goal for the month and give myself a gold star when I meet them. I also code my workouts. Strength/resistance training workouts are highlighted yellow, cardio workouts are highlighted pink. In April my goal was to work out at least four times a week. For May my goal was to work out everyday of the month.  It  makes me feel good to look back over the months where I met my goals.

In reviewing the last two months I see an area of opportunity when it comes to weight training. In April I weight trained 11 days out of the month. In May it was only four times. My goals for June are to get in 9 weight training sessions and workout an average of 5 days out of the week. I missed some days early in the month due to travel, but should be fine for the rest of the month.

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