Workouts- January 2012

Sorry for the crappy pic but that’s the best I could do.  Okay I’ll say it I’m mildly obsessed with Pilates. Moving on, I don’t know what happened to Wednesday this month but I clearly wasn’t in the mood to be busting any type of move on hump day. Thursday wasn’t that much better either but I’m still averaging four-five days a week. 


Sunday 1.22.12 run
Sunday 1.29.12 run
Sunday 1.29.12 run

The best thing about this month was me easing back into my outdoor runs. I’m sure the Garmin I got for Christmas had something to do with that.  You can see I’m not a fast runner but that’s okay with me. I like running solo and going at my own pace.  If weather and time permits I think I’m going to make Sunday my running day.

Have a great week!

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