Without a word of warning…

My mother has this saying, “Every day can’t be Christmas.” Today was definitely not Christmas. I’ve  come down with a sudden, unexpected case of the blahs. I can’t point to any one thing that caused it, but the fact that I have a ton of things to do(work out, finish travel plans, watch & return DVDs lent to me by a coworker, laundry, grocery shopping ), and my outfits recently have been just meh probably have something to do with it.

Hopefully this is just a passing phase. As I write this I have every intent of getting up, confirming my flights, doing the level 1 Pilates mat series, then a 30 minute HIIT circuit on the treadmill and watching Thor(because apparently I need to see that before I see The Avengers). It’s me vs the blahs. It’s 9:19pm. I’ll let you know who won.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Take care.  

Stardate :12105.23

ETA:    Workouts and travel plans completed: Yes.

             Thor: No.

             So not a TKO, but I’m calling it a win for my corner of the ring at 7:34am.


  1. peculiar VIrtue
    May 26, 2012 / 3:12 am

    I suffer from "the blahs" more than I care to admit, so I feel ya. I plan to see The Avengers soon, and the only character movie I've seen in Iron Man…so I guess I'm gonna be lost in the storyline. Oh, well!! :o)

  2. Of the comely
    May 26, 2012 / 7:47 pm

    @pVi:I'm sure you'll be fine at the movies . I work with some movie purists so I had to see Thor first 🙂

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