Weekend Plans

Hi folks,

I survived last week. Thanks for thinking of me if you did. The plan this weekend was to decompress, get a manicure and get some reading done. It’s not looking good for the manicure or the reading.

We had a sudden dip in temperature which I interpreted as nature’s way of telling me to stay inside. I also haven’t picked up the book pictured to actually read it yet. I did renew my library hold so I have until next month to finish it now.  I’ve only finished two books so far this year. We’ll see how the rest of the year pans out.

Due to a series of sad and unfortunate events my longtime manicurist has moved on. I’ve tried some other places but they were just so-so. I miss my friend and I haven’t been able to find someone who can do a manicure the way she did yet. Why, yes readers I could do it myself but I haven’t done that for over a decade and my hand and eye coordination has not improved during that time so the search for a new manicurist continues.

This week shouldn’t be as intense as last week was for me. See you on the other side it. Hope you have a good one!




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