The best-laid plans

  • Headphones- Sony WH-CH700N
  • Calendar- Target

  • Yes, that is a 3rd generation Kindle! They are still around and they still work.

  • Peak Pilates – Fit Reformer

My life motto is a combination of why rush and I’m sure it will all work out. I’m very firmly on team slow and steady.  When the year started I considered maybe going to Iceland or Antartica at some point. I set a book reading goal. I told myself I would try to use up those yoga pass classes I’ve had for years. I picked a word (my word for 2020 is ease) and slept through the ball drop. As January ended I thought it would be cute to challenge myself to work out every day for the month of February. I thought it would be a good way to celebrate Black History Month. I did that and survived then March came along and well if you live on earth you know what’s happening to us *earthlings worldwide.  To me it seems like the whole world has changed in a matter of weeks. On one hand because my company is considered an essential business I’m still working so it’s business as usual. On the other hand when I leave my place only when necessary because of the shelter in place order in my neighborhood I have not been able to find toilet paper for weeks. Weeks?!

No one can seem to come up with a clear answer on what the end game is going to be here.  When faced with uncertainty and confusion regarding things outside of my control I tend to look at my own life to see what I can order in my own slow and steady way. I’m going to focus on movement, meditation and mindfulness for the next month. I never said they were going to be groundbreaking things. For movement I want to stretch every day for ten minutes. The stretching doesn’t have to lead to a work out. For meditation I’m still using the Calm app. I want to start my day with 5 minutes of meditation. Try meditating for five minutes before you poo-poo it as too short a time. For mindfulness I want to read from a book for 15 minutes a day.  I read an average amount but I don’t read every day. I usually do marathon sessions on the weekends.  I think 15 minutes a day will be a good way to be present and mindful. I’ll report back in 30 days.

Wishing you all a good week.





*If this happens to be read two light ages from now I’m talking about the virus Covid 19. The virus has caused worldwide infections resulting in many governments either ordering or strongly suggesting much of their populace to quarantine themselves in their homes. Nations across the world have imposed travel restrictions to stop the spread of the virus.  I don’t think anyone currently living has experienced anything on this level before.  We’ve had other pandemics but none that resulted in the type of  worldwide shut down of trade and travel to the extent that Covid 19 has in a very long time. As I write this our health experts and the various world government have no idea how this pandemic is going to end.



  1. Alison
    March 30, 2020 / 7:58 am

    Hey Lady, glad to hear that you are well!

    Who knew that in 2020 Toilet Paper would be such a hot commodity. I was scoffing at the “panic buying” but now it looks pretty sensible … I was lucky enough to chance upon an Angel (also know as a Sales Assistant) and snap up 2 packs (the current limit) so as of now I’m good. I hope you do manage to find some eventually.

    I might take up your 5 minute mediation challenge as I do need to quiet my mind. I hope you keep safe and well.

    • ofthecomely
      June 7, 2020 / 12:21 pm

      Hey Allison. This year has been like a kick to the head. Two months ago I would not have thought that on top of Covid 19 we would be dealing with the brutal murders of Black people. I hope this year is the rock bottom that we build our foundation on because I shudder to think about how it could get worse. Thanks for sticking around!

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