Summer A Reading 2019



When I was in college some moons ago my school split their summer courses into Summer A, Summer B and Summer C. A was the first half of the summer. B was the second half and C was for those classes that ran the entire summer. I’m calling the books above my Summer A reads but technically I started two of them before summer started and technically we are only about two weeks into summer but work with me here folks.


1.) Salvage The Bones( 3/5) : Chronicles life for a family in the Mississippi Gulf in the weeks leading up to Hurricane Katrina. Because the reader knows how devastating the hurricane will be there is an underlying sense of dread as the characters deal with the day to day tragedies of their lives oblivious to the monster that is on the way. If you’ve read this one I would love to talk to you about the ending. What do you think happened?

2.) Yuli( 3/5): I picked this one up during a layover in Zurich. At that point in the trip I had finished four of the books above and I had some more on my Kindle and I really didn’t need the weight of a book in my carry on things but you know I bought it anyway. This is the story of Carlos Acosta who despite humble beginnings in Cuba defies all odds to become a world renowned ballet dancer. Although I don’t have any experience with ballet I enjoyed the autobiography because Acosta highlighted how the love of his family and discipline propelled him to great heights. See my trip to Cuba (here).

3.) The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley(4/5):  A coming of age story of  a young girl raised by a father who has a rather interesting history of getting shot. The chapters go back and forth between the current time and the different situations where the dad got shot. Check out the bullet holes on the book cover. You get a little mystery, a little love story, and definitely some action with this one.  This is another one where I’d like to discuss the ending.

4.) I’m Judging You(4/5): True to the title the author outlines in a collection of essays people she is judging for everything from using too many hashtags on social media to contributing to rape culture.  Some of the essays had me #LOL to the point that people around me were disturbed.

5.)Made for Love(3.5/5): I think this book would be best as a blind read. I don’t even think you should read the book jacket. Trust me. The only thing I’m going to say is that I was thoroughly entertained by the writing and I am fully prepared to accept what you may think of me because of that.


So, I am woefully behind on my Goodreads Reading Challenge but I do my best work under pressure so I’m not worried. Stay tuned for Summer B Reading.  Have a great week!






    • ofthecomely
      July 16, 2019 / 4:26 pm

      I hope so too. It had me laughing out loud. I think it would be a great read for summer.

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