Scents – Spring Rotation- 2024

Hi folks,

I rotated the scents above this spring. I’ve talked about Tacit here and Bronze Goddess here and here.

The 7 Virtues website has the key notes and fragrance description for Vanilla Woods as:

TOP: Pear
BASE: Vanilla, Amber, Caramel

FRAGRANCE DESCRIPTION Vanilla Woods Perfume is an intoxicating scent with a dash of fresh pear, a big rose heart note, and the long-lasting finish of organic vanilla and gourmand caramel infused with warm amber. Made with sustainably sourced vanilla from Madagascar.

I definitely get the pear and the vanilla but not so much the rose which is fine for me because I’m not a big rose fan when it comes to perfumes. The pear gives it a little sparkle and the vanilla is comforting.

My first foray into Le Labo was with Thé Noir 29 here. The perfumes are reportedly named by the main ingredient based on weight and then the number of ingredients in the formula. Lys is lily in French.

Le Labo’s website notes:

“LYS 41 is an overwhelming white floral – a blend of jasmine, tuberose absolute, and lily, bewitching in its noble, warm, and sunny approach – yet treacherous once caught in its web of noble woods, vanilla Madagascar, and musks.”

I am a white floral and vanilla girl so it’s no surprise to me that I like this one. Tuberose can be hit or miss for me but in Lys 41 I don’t find it overwhelming. I have a feeling I might be reaching for this one in the summer too.

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