Sally Hansen Chartreuse Chase- Mani of the week

Necklace: from street vendor in Peru

Chartreuse is one of those colors that whenever I wear it I get a compliment, but I never remember that when I’m shopping or buying accessories so I don’t have a lot of chartreuse in my wardrobe. This color in the bottle looks slightly watery and I was concerned that it would apply that way on the nails.  I was happy that after the second coat it was opaque. It has a pearlescent finish that you can really see in the direct sunlight, but was slightly matte before the final clear top coat.

Sally Hansen and I go way back to the days when I used to try to do my nails myself in high school here.  Yet I could not remember the last time I did a manicure using that brand. I checked my polishes and I had more Sally Hansen bottles than I thought. 

From left to right:
  1. Polar Bare 120
  2. Plum Licorice 4134-41
  3. All the White Stuff 4120-37
  4. Navy Baby 4120-59
  5. The Deepest of Violets 4134-57
  6. Chartreuse Chase (Insta Dri)

Now that we’re staring down Fall and Winter isn’t too far away I’m glad I was reminded of these. The Deepest of Violets and All the White Stuff would be great colors for the upcoming months.  The thanks go to my mumsie who bought me the bottle of Chartreuse Chase.

See I told you I liked it :)

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