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The moon sends her regards.


Lately I’ve been thinking about my night time routine. I think the new school term is sleep hygiene. I remember bedtime stories. I remember having specific steps that signaled it was time to go to bed. Since this is a no judgment zone I’ll tell you that at my big age I find myself looking up from a Wikipedia rabbit hole and asking myself how is it 2 am already far too often. I could blame it on the fact that I’m working entirely from home so the days all seem to roll together. But, this is also a no excuses zone so instead I’ll tell you what I’ve been trying to do to develop a better night time routine.

  • Log off all electronics by 10 pm- Rarely happens
  • Listen to a bed time playlist as I shower and get ready for bed- This I’ve actually been doing. See my playlist above.
  • Diffuse a calming essential oil while I get ready for bed- Of course I can do this as I live for finely fragranced things.
  • Read a book – Nope, haven’t been doing that before bed. I have no problem aimlessly wandering the Interwebs though.

So, to recap I have a plan and tomorrow is another day to try to log off all electronics by 10pm.

Good night folks everywhere. Have a great week!





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