Rescue Beauty Lounge Drifter- Mani of the Week

I LOVE this color. It’s from one of my favorite nail polish brands Rescue Beauty Lounge. I found myself staring at my nails as the sun shone through the window on them as I drove home from getting them done. I’m always drawn to purples, mauves, plums and pinks, and RBL does colors in those spectrum well. Drifter is a true bright plum/cherry purple shade with shine for days. The color is deep and rich but does not look black or dark brown when inside. It’s the type of color that would complement every skin tone.

Drifter is currently sold out online at Rescue Beauty Lounge ( It’s one of those colors that you have to stalk, because once it’s back it sells out quickly. RBL’s description of Drifter is:

“This is a modern, sexy take on a sultry lush plum. For a manicure that’s well-groomed, yet not overpowering.

A fresh manicure in a great shade and all is well with my soul :)

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