Ramblings about Order

Hi folks,

I’m always going to be drawn to order. I’m not one that thrives in confusion of any kind. I’ll never forget how way, way, way back in the before times one of my remote managers came to my desk and asked me if I was leaving the company. She was confused because the majority of the permanent employees had family photos, lunch menus, motivational quotes etc. in their cubicles. One guy even had a lamp he’d brought from home. Your girl however had some black pens, some blue pens, a highlighter and a legal pad. It was suggested that I put up a calendar or something to make my area look more settled. So, you can imagine my delight when I read the instructions for keeping a desk at Aēsop. I took the picture above and sent it to my mother(AKA the great illuminator). My mother’s response was a combination of that’s madness and I wish somebody would try to tell me that I can’t put my own coat on the back of my chair. She then eased off a bit and said that it would depend on the job but she noted that a lot of people would not be able to work under such military like conditions. She has a valid point. For me though I find that kind of order soothing. The people at Aēsop that came up with those instructions are my tribe. I too strive for order and cleanliness at all times! We all should!

Have a great week.





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