November Workouts

Omg it’s December!!!! 2012 is barreling towards us, pedal to the floor, taking corners on two wheels mowing down anyone and anything that’s in its path. Move get out the way people, time waits for no one. I refuse to panic(at least not yet).

I started writing down my workouts this year in April and now we’re in December. It doesn’t feel as if seven months have passed but they have. To recap November, I added a Cardio Strength class to my line up of exercises. This is a class where the instructor using free weights, a stepper, and a stability ball takes the class through different upper body, lower body and ab exercises at a fairly fast pace. My Pilates practice was pretty much the same as usual except for the week I had to travel.  In the third week of the month I had a good three day run where I tried to ease back into a yoga practice. I also spent more time on the treadmill this month than in months past. 

My goals from the priors months were four hours of cardio a week, 2 Pilates classes and 2 strength training sessions a week. I was not quite at four hours a week with the cardio but I was close. I know the Pilates classes could be considered strength training classes but that’s not what I had in mind when I set my goal so I’m giving myself a DNM on that one. I’m not too upset though because I lost five pounds this month. I think the extra time on the treadmill and the cardio strength class had something to do with it. 

My goals for next month are to:

1. Try a hot yoga class

2. 4 hours/cardio, 2/Pilates classes, and my Achilles heel- 2/ strength training sessions/week

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