Mani of the Week: Orly Fancy Fuchsia

I am back on the pastel bandwagon. I had this color in my stash for a while and for some reason this week it just jumped out at me.  I think it is the perfect Spring color.  I love it! I know, I know I know, I loved the color last week and the one before that, but I swear to you this Orly Fancy Fuchsia is different, I loooovvvveee it. I loooovvvveee it like Heathcliff loved Catherine, like Martin loved Gina, like Mr. Rogers loved sweaters, like Ms. Piggy loves Kermit.  I could go on and on but my point is, this love is special.

I’m wearing two coats and drying time was average. I would describe it as a very bright electric pink. It’s noticeable from across the room bright, it’s and I quote “man you just opened up my sinuses”  bright. I may never take it off.

Have a great week :).

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