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This year has been trash. That’s not me being ungrateful. It’s me being objective. I can’t imagine what we possibly could have done to deserve 2020 but here we are. I was talking to someone at work today about aging and how at some point you start to do the sobering math and realize you have less days ahead of you than behind you. That led into things we would have done differently if we knew then what we know now. It may sound silly but I would have taken a lot more photos. This year has made me realize how quickly your circumstances can change for reasons you couldn’t have imagined. You can buy insurance, save, be kind and recycle but if the universe decides to unleash a global pandemic or a civil war breaks out none of those things are going to help you. Trust me when I tell you your insurance policy has an exclusion for acts of God and civil unrest.

So, back to the pictures. I have to be in the moment to get a good picture. I can’t concentrate on my shot if I’m thinking about what I left out of a work email or my laundry. And then for being present you get a little reward that you can look back at to remind you of what it was that caught your eye. A memory token that can be cashed as needed. I would have done less looking towards and striving for the future and more of appreciating the then and there because the future as it has always been is a crapshoot.






  1. Alison
    November 19, 2020 / 6:38 am

    Hey, I know what you mean – I’m going through a bumpy patch too but like you said I think this year has allowed me to wake up to what I find important in my life.

    I bought the same camera this year during lockdown but in orange! Are we on the the same frequency or something? Lol. Yeah it can be sobering to look back at the years and wonder about the what ifs.

    Let’s pray and hope that 2021 will be (or at least end up) fantastic in comparison. Pretty photos btw and I think my message to me younger self would be to get out of my comfort zone sooner and just try. Stay safe my dear 🙂

    • ofthecomely
      November 22, 2020 / 4:19 pm

      Ha! We are always so in sync. How are you storing your photos? I found a mini photo holder online. Getting out of your comfort zone is good advice. Here’s hoping it turns around for everyonein 2021.

      • Alison
        December 2, 2020 / 11:47 am

        That’s fancy! I store the ones I haven’t put in a frame in a plastic sleeve lol. The ones I’ve framed – I use a standard sized photo frame (from the pound shop) and put 9 of the mini photos in it (taping the back and overlapping them). There is space on the sides but, its a nice and inexpensive way to store them 🙂

        I know on Aliexpress they have Instax mini abulms + films so I have no excuse to use a plastic sleeve lol, but it works.

        Yes I hope it does :)!

    • ofthecomely
      December 6, 2020 / 3:39 pm

      I said it before this year was like a kick to the head. Sorry to hear about your bumpy patch. I’m not sure if things are going to get much better in 2021 or if we will just get desensitized to how bad things have gotten. Same to you 🙂

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