Laura Mercier Lip Glace – Plum Noir & Mauve Plum

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I was leaving Bloomingdale’s when I saw the gorgeous photo in the pic above on display. I waited for ever for the SA to finish his personal grooming, asked the SA about the lipstick the model on the left was wearing and he told me it was Plum Noir and Mauve Plum. He handed me two lip glosses and went back to brushing his hair.

Top: Plum Noir
Bottom: Mauve Plum
Plum Noir
Mauve Plum

Both colors have a nice subtle scent and were very easy to apply. I’ve had experiences with lip gloss in the past where I had some difficulty getting the product out and when I did it was so little that it took several tries before I could get enough gloss to apply evenly. These glosses also weren’t too sticky, goopy or shiny. I’ve never used anything from Laura Mercier before but I love these two glosses so I definitely will be going back for more.

Now I’m 89% sure the model isn’t wearing  these but it’s okay because I think these colors work for me and I was turned on to a new brand. Yeah for discovering new things 🙂

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