The L Word

From left to right:
  1. Supple skin oil with almond
  2. Cleansing and soothing shower oil with almond
  3. Verbena liquid soap with shea extract
  4.  Ultra Riche Body Cream with 25% shea butter

I stopped by L’Occitane  before my vacation. I love that store and I can just wile away an afternoon there, spritzing, sniffing & gently fonding the bottles until I’m asked to leave. Fortunately for the L’Occi salesperson the mall was closing in fifteen minutes so I had just enough time to pick up what I needed and make it back to my car.

The almond supple skin oil is fast absorbing, and non greasy with a clean fresh scent. It’s in a glass bottle which gives it a kind of apothecary look which I love. The almond shower oil comes in a plastic bottle and despite being described as an oil, lathers quite well without any residue. The almond products layer well together and make my bathroom smell divine. I also find them to be very calming and look forward to using them at night.

I use the Verbena liquid soap as hand soap in the bathrooms and the kitchen. It’s somewhat woodsy and citrusy  layered with that signature clean L’Occitane scent. 

I’ve discussed my love for the Ultra Riche Body Cream before (here). It’s  my old faithful when it comes to my skin care regimen. If you have dry sensitive skin I cannot recommend it enough.

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