Keeping Track


Hey there folks,

Look who used her planner this year. Yes, moi. How does it feel you ask? I’ll tell you. It feels good. I’ve even bought one for next year. This year I had a separate one for workouts and then another one for other stuff. In 2022 I’m just going to have the one pictured on the left once I finish up the second one I had for this year. This is kind of a big deal for me. So, you are going to have use your inside voice when you speak to me now.

I’ve been reading about the Spanish artist Joan Miró (here)and in one of the articles I read Miró’s friend, the art scholar Jacques Dupin described Miró’s life as being “Utterly free of disorder or excess. Nothing is left to chance, not even in his daily habits: there is a time to take a walk, a time to read, there is a time to be with his family and there is a time to work.” Miró was 90 when he died and he was still working up to the end. His planner game must have been on level 110.

I don’t know how anyone living on earth in 2021 can have a life utterly free of disorder or excess but what do they say aim for the moon so when you fall you land somewhere comfy. I’m telling you only good things can come from me keeping up with this planner habit. Watch this space for the updates.

Have a great week!





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