High chance of strange aerial encounters

Hi folks,

I’m interrupting the ennui of your Wednesday to share a small win with you. Long time readers of OTC will remember that I’ve never been able to do my own manicure. My long time manicurist moved away post Covid and I’ve been bumping around trying to find someone to replace her. Spoiler alert- she can’t be replaced. After recovering from the sticker shock of what these new manicurists charge, getting cut by one too many of these new manicurists and trying to maneuver the web sites that these new manicurists use to make appointments(Was my generation the last one to make appointments via phone?) I’d had enough! In a moment of sheer desperation I ordered some products to do my own manicure at home. I had the nail polish but I needed a buffer, clippers, cuticle push backer, oils etc. The package came and it sat around for a while. Medium story short, after some disastrous results I’ve been able to do a so-so manicure by myself. I still haven’t mastered the cuticle push backer thing and it’s not looking good for me and that nipper but…But… I’m making progress. See the pictures above. I even got a compliment one week. I was wearing OPI Bubble Bath.  I know… I was shocked too.

So, there you have it. Some poor farmer in some other realm is shocked as he watches his pigs fly.

I hope you’ve been well.  Wishing you your own personal breakthrough regardless of how trivial it might seem to others without the whole utter desperation part.




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