Here we go again

Hi folks,

If time still matters to you- Happy New Year.  Even if you believe time is merely a social construct according to society there has been a reset. Twelve shiny new months await us again. We are the lucky ones right? I used to pick a word for the year and before that I used to make resolutions at the start of the year. Not this year or last year but who knows maybe next year or the year after that. I did hear something that resonated with me recently.  The person said, * ” I like my bed. I’m for the sheets not the streets.”  So, maybe I’ll make that my tagline for 2022.

Good to see you back in this wee corner of the interwebs. Have a great week.




* The legal team at OTC has requested that we make it very clear that we are not taking any credit for coining that phrase.


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