Fragrance Review : Anine Bing- Pure Noir

Hi folks,

New year. New scent. This one has notes of: Papyrus, Oak Tree, Saffron, Black Rose, Nutmeg, Black Pepper and Mahogany. I’ve mentioned before that although I love roses I’m not particularly fond of rose perfumes. This one is light on the rose. It’s in there but it’s not prominent enough to turn me off. The projection on this one is strong in the first hour. After two hours this becomes a close skin scent for me. I find myself reaching for it before I go to bed.  I’d recommend this one for anyone that’s kind of iffy on florals but into woodsy and smoky scents. The packaging is nice. I like the simple label and that magnetic cap is very cute. Less is always more when it comes to labels. If you’ve tried Pure Noir let me know what you think.

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