Fragrance Review: Aēsop Eidesis

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Eidesis is the most recent fragrance offering from Aēsop. According to their website, “Eidesis honours the imaginary worlds beyond the surface of a mirror. Watery, iridescent florals are met with a warm, spicy, woody base, recalling the liquid stillness of a pond or looking glass.” The key ingredients are black pepper, frankincense and sandalwood.

I’d describe Eidesis as a unisex fragrance that’s both stimulating and comforting. If you are a fan of the Aēsop brand and familiar with their fragrances I think Eidesis smells like the offspring of Tacit and Marrakech Intense. Picture yourself very relaxed in a cozy room drinking your beverage of choice while listening to that section of a song or musical piece that always makes your heart swell.

Eidesis lingers on my skin for several hours after the first spray. It’s not a fragrance that will enter the room before you do. However, anyone lucky enough to be in your personal space will definitely enjoy it.

The inspiration for the fragrance is the story of Narcissus, the beautiful hunter who fell in love with his own reflection and stared at his mirror image in a pool of water for his whole life. Eidesis is an ancient (some say fictional) literary practice of repeating words or phrases so as to evoke a particular image or idea in the reader’s mind. The idea behind the fragrance reportedly is that you wear it repeatedly to conjure up your own pleasant images in your mind. I get it. I’ll be using it to conjure up images of me rested and unbothered while on vacation as I finish out this year.

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