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1.7 oz / 50 mL eau de parfum spray- $120

Hi folks,

World affairs are even more tragic since my last post. This is a little something to distract you for a bit.

I bought Queens & Monsters by Henry Rose about three months ago from Sephora. I was looking for another fragrance(Boy Smells Vanilla Era) that was sold out.  When I sprayed on Q&M my first impression was hmmmm this is interesting.


The fragrance notes are:

TOP NOTES: Violet Leaf, Neroli & Petitgrain

MIDDLE NOTES: Freesia & Jasmine

BOTTOM NOTES: Vanilla, Coco Musk & Sandalwood


Also, per their website Henry Rose is:



I walked around the store and by the time I’d finished browsing I’d decided to buy it. The saleswoman ringing me up said she liked the name Queens & Monsters and she sprayed the tester.  Ya’ll the reaction she quickly tried to stifle had me cackling internally. Have you ever seen someone holding something you thought was a small animal and it turned out to be their newborn child so you had to quickly wipe the confusion off of your face and tell the new parent how precious their little bundle was(I know I’m not the only one that has happened to)? Well, it was like that. She was able to pull herself together and say, “Wow that’s interesting!”  🤣🤣🤣

I really like Queens & Monsters.  To me when you spray it you first get a spicy vanilla fragrance that then settles into something very calming. I get the vanilla and the sandalwood but definitely don’t smell any jasmine or freesia. I have about two more sprays in my bottle.  Longevity is poor. I get 2-3 hours max before the scent fades.

The Henry Rose bottles have a nice heft and shape. It’s been a long time since geometry so I’d describe it as a cross between cylindrical and oval.  The simple and bold matte black cap with the bold but minimal black lettering on the bottles is giving me utilitarian chic which you know is my jam.

I would definitely buy Q & M again. However, although the reviews are mostly favorable for this one when I think of miss ma’am at Sephora I have to recommend that you test this one out before buying. If you try it or have tried it let me know where on the interesting spectrum this landed for you.

Thanks for reading. Take it easy and see you next time.



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