Hi folks,

Have you started your spring cleaning? Yep, same here. I have cleared out some products I’ve used up lately. I’m sure you’re shocked to see that most of them are candles. The vanilla Maison Bougie candle has nice packaging but the candle throw was a lot less than I was used to so I would not repurchase it. Votivo is a new to me candle brand. I tried a couple of their scents and the only one I’ve repurchased is the Grey Vetiver. The Votivo website describes it as masculine fresh and I think that’s a good description. I’d recommend it if you’re looking for something clean but not flowery.

In skin and body news I finally finished the Le Labo Bergamote 22 that I bought in April of 2017. I would definitely repurchase it. Clarins and Sunday Riley make products that work for my skin that I like applying. You’ll usually see one or two of their products in my empties. Golde is a vegan friendly wellness brand that I got turned on to via their excellent turmeric latte blend (here) . When they started doing masks I tried them and the Clean Greens is the one I liked. The ingredients in the mask per the Golde website are mango juice powder*, marshmallow root extract*, spirulina powder*, chlorella powder*.

* = certified organic

The only hair product I have in my empties this time around is the Shu Uemura Essence Protective Oil. I had it for a long time because it was just so-so for me. It smelled great. The packaging dispensed the product well but the oil just seemed to sit on my hair and scalp. I’m going to keep the bottle to use with other oils that work better on my hair.

You know how I like to take it slow so that’s it for my spring cleaning for now 🙃.  Have a great week.





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