Diptyque X Pierre Frey – Lys & Narguilé

I think my love of Diptyque candles is well documented here on the blog. The prints from their recent collaboration with fabric creator Pierre Frey caught my eye. Diptyque paired two complementary scented candles and Frey created five special edition boxes to hold the pairings. I chose the duo of Lys and Narguilé which are two new candles for Diptyque.

Lys/Lily is in their floral family. If you love the smell of lilies you will love Lys.  Narguilé is a member of their spicy family and is described as a hint of honey, tobacco leaves and a handful of spices. Both candles had a good throw. My favorite of the two was Narguilé. For some reason it smelled slightly citrusy to me. Maybe it was one of the “handful of spices.” I plan to repurpose the Frey designed box for storage. The graphic print will work well in my bathroom. You can see some of the other pairings and Pierre Frey designs here.



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