Diptyque Dancing Ovals Graphic Collection – Baies & Figuier

Hi folks.

My forever love Diptyque is turning 60 this year. Per their website they are going to be coming out with creations and events from January to December to celebrate that milestone. First up is the Dancing Ovals Graphic Collection. The graphic lines give the illusion that the emblem oval is dancing. You see it?  Close one eye and turn your head. You do see it kinda sorta now right 😃.  You can get this limited edition design in their Rose, Baies, Figuier and Tuberose scented candles. The scents are the same. It’s just the packaging that is different so these might be more for the collectors and design lovers than the casual customers. I picked up the Baies(Berry) and Figuier(Fig) because out of the four those are the two scents I prefer but I think the pink(Rose) and the blue(Tuberose) ovals with the graphic lines are the prettiest. You can find all four options here. Nobody gives you a story and theme like Diptyque. I would love to see their mood boards through the years. In true Diptyque fashion you can see the inspiration for the sixtieth year celebration here.






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