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Deborah Lippmann- Bitches Brew

I probably spend too much time reading blogs. I justify it by considering it research. I was one of those on the online shopping bandwagon from day one. The hassle of parking, being jostled while walking through the mall, and the inattentive or overly aggressive salespeople were never my thing.  I like perusing at my own speed, in the comfort of my own home at whatever time I choose. The downside of online shopping is without trying something on in person you are taking a chance that it will work once you get it. So naturally I love blogs where products are tested and described in detail. While doing my “research” I was introduced to Deborah Lippmann polishes. 

I got the color above some time late last year. It was a great shade for the fall/winter season, but I think it’s a color that could work year round.  I don’t do my nails myself, but I found that the polish applied well and lasted the week. The color is a deep burgundy, deep enough to be opaque in two coats but no so dark that it looks black. Overall a good classic color that I am very glad I bought.

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