Hi folks,

All is well on my end and I hope you can say the same. I had a low-key weekend. I ran some errands and got some reading done. I love those popular memes that show how much of being an adult is so mundane. Grocery, laundry, clean all the things, then more grocery, cleaning out the fridge and of course everyone’s favorite paying the bills. I was talking to someone this week about getting older and his deadpan response was that it will always be better than the alternative. He’s not exactly what I would call a glass half full guy so that made the whole exchange even funnier to me. We(Me, myself and I) here at ofthecomely strive to make this wee corner of the interwebs a judgment and pressure free zone. So, you’ll get very minimal rah, rah sis boom bah about life from me. I get it. You have some good days. You have some not so good days and unfortunately there will be bad days. Life is difficult. But, as my friend said it beats the alternative right?

Have a great week!

( We are the humans.{double clap} The mighty, mighty humans. {double clap} Let’s go humans.{right and left punch} Let’s go {touchdown} !!!)






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