Mani of the week- Chanel Madness

I picked this up in the airport on my way back home from my recent vacation. I’ve found that the airports in some countries carry a surprisingly vast array of cosmetics, designer goods, perfumes etc., so I always try to check them out when I’m travelling. I had never heard of this color before so when I got home I googled it and supposedly this color came out in 2007.  In the bottle it looked somewhat purple. To me it looks like a true brown on my fingers. My mother complimented me on it.

From left to right:

1. Barielle Coco Bar

2. OPI Suzy Says Da

3. Chanel Madness

4. MAC Sly as a Fox

Comparisons in indoor lighting

Comparisons in outdoor lighting

Turns out I didn’t have any true browns. The Barielle on my index finger is more of a  watery consistency and not as rich in color, which you can really see in the indoor pic. The OPI on my middle finger I thought would be a closer match, but it is darker and leans more towards a blood red/deep burgundy. The pinkie finger is MAC which is more of a rust/bronze with subtle specs of gold.

It’s a keeper. Now if only I had picked up the Rouge 18 as well. For some reason I thought I already had that color.  

Which airport has impressed you the most with it’s shopping selections?  For me it was in Korea. 

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