Chanel Intermezzo

When it comes to nail polish I usually wear deep very bright colors or deep very dark colors with some neutral colors thrown into the mix. Every now and then though I get the hankering for something a little lighter, but not quite a neutral. When I’m in that kind of a mood Chanel Intermezzo fits the bill. On me in person Intermezzo looks like a somewhat opaque muted opalesque color with a very subtle shimmer. I am wearing two coats in the pic above and although I wear my nails very short, I don’t think there would be any visible nail line with two coats.

I pay attention to the types of people that compliment me on certain colors and this color is always a hit with the 40 and up female crowd. I would classify Intermezzo as a good bride/bridesmaid, interview, conservative office, first time meeting the boyfriend’s parents type of color.

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