Chanel Black Velvet

This mani was inspired by two people. The first, a friend of mine from school who always wore black on Valentine’s Day. She claimed to hate the “holiday” and refused to wear anything remotely red or pink on that day. Interestingly enough she was always the one in the group getting the singing telegram with teddy bear during class.

The second person is my new friend in my head Tabatha Coffey.  I’m enamoured with her all black outfits and jet black manicures. After getting caught up in a Tabatha Takes Over marathon some time ago I’ve been fighting the urge to cut my hair into a short pixie cut.

I’m wearing two coats of polish in the pics above and no top coat.  I don’t know how clearly you can see it in the pics with the flash from the camera, but the polish dries to a matte finish which I rather like. I don’t think I’ve ever posted a matte polish before. I know a lot of the brands sell a top coat that you can apply to any polish to make it matte, but I don’t remember trying any of those.

I know the opinions on black polish run the gamut from played out, goth, and unprofessional to edgy, stylish and classic. I’m in the latter group.  To me a nice black mani on short clean nails always looks comely.

P.S. My mani from last week was not MIA. I didn’t mention it because it was a color I’ve posted before- Chanel Rouge Noir.

Chanel Rouge Noir

Wishing you tons of singing telegrams and teddy bears this week, if that’s your thing :).

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  1. Lisa - respect the shoes
    February 14, 2012 / 3:22 am

    I don't know if I am just not picking the right shades or what, but I always look terrible in dark polishes, though I adore a sparkly charcoal or navy or purple. (I love Tabatha too – I am slightly addicted to her show, her look and her no funny business attitude!)

  2. Anonymous
    February 14, 2012 / 8:32 am

    Oooh, the rouge noir. I like it!

  3. Of the Comely
    February 14, 2012 / 2:18 pm

    @respect the shoes:I think those colors would look great on you.

  4. Of the Comely
    February 14, 2012 / 2:18 pm

    @ Anonymous:Thanks.

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