Book Review – Intimacies

“The entire exercise had an air of futility and falseness…And yet our behavior did not seem especially strange, people behave with such conscious and unconscious dishonesty all the time. ” pg. 78


Hi folks,

I’m not going to meet my reading goal but I have found some good books lately. In this one the unnamed narrator works as a translator at the Hague. From the book jacket you’ll get that the narrator is drawn into simmering personal dramas(she falls for a married man) and she’s pulled into an explosive political controversy when she’s asked to interpret for a former president accused of war crimes.  Without giving too much of the book away I’ll tell you that with all of those things the narrator finds herself at a sort of crossroads in her personal and professional life. I remember when I was much younger when everyone else wanted to be a doctor or astronaut I wanted to be a translator. I have no idea where young me pulled that from. In this first person narrative you get to see how intimate a process translating is. You also get some good information about how the International Criminal Court works. I found the writing to be succinct and impactful. In just 225 pages you get a thoughtful and well written story. If you’ve read this one let me know what you thought.

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