Book Review- A Mind Spread Out on the Ground

“Memories are strange. After a certain point you don’t remember the actual event you experienced anymore. You remember your memory of the event. Certain details fall away while others loom large. Dialogue distorts. Cause-and-effect chains tangle and twist. ” Pg. 217 

Hi folks,

I gave this book 5/5 stars. Alicia Elliott is a Mohawk writer who was born in Buffalo NY and grew up moving between NY, Ohio and Canada.  She now lives in Brantford, Ontario. The 236 page book is a collection of essays. Reading each essay was like opening a door that led to so much more than what you thought was in that one room. Some of the things she addresses in her essays are depression, colonialism and Indigenous femicide in Canada. These are serious issues but the essays don’t come off as bleak. Elliot manages to make them personal, informative and thought provoking. She even has a participatory essay where you the reader are asked to answer questions. I’d recommend this one for anyone interested in a stimulating read.

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