Barielle Aura Angora- Mani of the Week

Barielle Aura Angora

I got an email from Barielle about a 30% discount  a while back and took advantage of the opportunity to pick up some new pretties. Aura Angora applied very thick and took a long time to dry. A sacrifice I think was worth it as I love the color. 

From left to right:
1. June Bug
2. Myrza’s Meadow

I had a very small Barielle collection until I took advantage of the email, with just the two bottles above.

From left to right:

1. Blackened Bleu
2. Hidden Hideaway
3. Gelt me to the party
4. Pin Up
5. Aura Angora
6. Myrza’s Meadow
7. June Bug
8. Glammed out Garnet
9. Cherry Pie

This is my Barielle collection now. Slightly bigger :).


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