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Ramblings- Laundry is not my master

Dang I overslept, Pilates already started Maybe I can still go it just started, if I leave now I can get there in about 15 minutes No I can’t go I hate walking in to…

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Mani of the Week- Essie Braziliant

Today is the first day of summer.  Just about everyone in my little corner of the world has been complaining about how this year is gonna be a scorcher. Not me. I love summer. I am…

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  On nails Ulta- Orange you glad it’s summer   I took this pic with my cell phone. I love this phone. Last year this time I was coming back from hanging with…

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She who needs no introduction

    She who needs no introduction                                                                       All content and Photos are copyrighted  Paris was someplace I always wanted to visit. At one point and time I thought it wold be…

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Chanel Intermezzo

When it comes to nail polish I usually wear deep very bright colors or deep very dark colors with some neutral colors thrown into the mix. Every now and then though I get the hankering for something a little…

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