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Chanel Intermezzo

When it comes to nail polish I usually wear deep very bright colors or deep very dark colors with some neutral colors thrown into the mix. Every now and then though I get the hankering for something a little…

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Workouts- June 2011 Goals

Exercise is very important to me. It’s something I do regularly. I started tracking my workouts to keep a record of what I was doing, and identify any areas of opportunity. I use a Weekly/Monthly 3×6 Blue Sky (http://www.blueskyimg.com/)…

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Deborah Lippmann

Deborah Lippmann- Bitches Brew I probably spend too much time reading blogs. I justify it by considering it research. I was one of those on the online shopping bandwagon from day one. The hassle of parking,…

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Pilates Reformer Machines About two months ago I added Pilates classes to my fitness regimen. Core strength is an ongoing challenge for me. I will likely never have a six pack due to a combination of genetics and…

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L’Occitane Gommage Mains Minute and Creme Ultra Riche Corps

As I get older I try to streamline my spending to focus on products that I know work for me consistently. I am not one of those people that are loyal to just one brand across…

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