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Chanel Graphite and Peridot- limited edition Fall 2011 colors

Graphite and Peridot are part of the Chanel 2011 Fall collection and are limited edition colors. I was disappointed with these shades. In the bottles they looked richly layered and highly pigmented. On the nail they…

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Keep it simple sailor or walk the plank

Shirt: Banana Republic Pants: Limited This morning I woke up and grabbed the first thing I could find in my closet. These pants were part of a suit that had been dry cleaned and this…

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Souvenirs from Vietnam

My sister went to Vietnam and she brought me back this lovely shirt and the matching pants. I didn’t get any shots of the pants, but they are lightweight and super comfy and they’ve been in steady…

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Grrrowl, Ratttle, Hissssss

I’ve never been a big fan of animal prints(ducks to avoid all the things being thrown my way). I’m okay with it in small doses( belts, small wallets sunglasses and shoes) but for some reason anything more than…

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Inbetweeny- Looking for a tailor

Sometime last month I was looking for a cute top to wear to a graduation. I’d been eyeing this Elie Tahari number in Bloomingdale’s but was not going to pay the $90+ original price. It was…

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