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Small Animals – Book Review

One of my reading goals this year was to incorporate more nonfiction. I was listening to the podcast Fully Booked (here) and they were interviewing the author Kim Brooks about her new book Small Animals- Parenthood in the age of fear.

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Split, Croatia: 43.5081° N, 16.4402° E

I spent part of this Summer in the lovely Eastern European Country of Croatia. Croatia is  one of those countries that is also made up of islands. In their case it’s about a thousand islands in the Adriatic Sea.

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Diptyque City Exclusive Candles

Diptyque made their city candles (Berlin, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Miami and Beverly Hills) available for purchase on their website for four days back in April. The 6.50z/$72 candles are normally only sold in their respective cities.

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Supergoop! Review

Before you start with me let me get ahead of you and state that I am aware that summer is over. However, the sun shines through all seasons so a post on sunscreen in the fall is very relevant.

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Basseterre, St Kitts: 17.3026° N, 62.7177° W

In my neck of the woods most of us are heading into a three day weekend. I have grand plans that include brunch, movies, reading and Pilates but don’t be surprised if you hear I…

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