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Singapore Botanic Gardens

By now you should know that I love a nice garden. Singapore Botanic Gardens did not disappoint.

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Singapore: 1.3521° N, 103.8198° E

I try to travel to a new place every year. Last year after watching the movie Crazy Rich Asians I was inspired to go to the Republic of Singapore which has the distinction of being the only island-city-country in the world.

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Summer A Reading 2019

When I was in college some moons ago my school split their summer courses into Summer A, Summer B and Summer C. A was the first half of the summer. B was the second half and C was for those classes that ran the entire summer.

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My glass bowl was full so I figured I’d do a summer empties post with some “artsy” pictures. The majority of my empties this time were for bath and body. I also finished two perfumes, some facial oils and of course a candle. There will always be a candle.

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Ganghwa Island, South Korea: 37.7132° N, 126.4511° E

These photos were taken while on a tour of Ganghwa Island in South Korea. The island is about 17 miles/28 kilometers from Seoul Airport. I travelled there by bus on a sunny day in September last year.  

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