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I’m leaving on a jet plane….

The revolution will not be televised….Connected by MOTOBLUR™ on T-Mobile

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Summer Sandals

I’m usually always cold. I’m the girl in the sweater at the beach. AC, strong breeze, slight wind forget about it. The cold seems to always start from my feet and move up, so I rarely where sandals…

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MAC Obey Me, Ocean Dip and Hangin’ Loose

From left to right Obey Me Hangin’ Loose Ocean Dip I got an email from MAC with a free shipping promotion and used it to pick up some polishes.  These colors have been out a while, but they’re…

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“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body “.*..I’ve been slipping

One of the great things about summer when I was much younger was all the extra time I was going to have  since school was out to read more books. Unfortunately as I got older it…

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Ramblings- Laundry is not my master

Dang I overslept, Pilates already started Maybe I can still go it just started, if I leave now I can get there in about 15 minutes No I can’t go I hate walking in to…

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