August and September Workouts and observations

My trusty partner in crime which Apple no longer makes…boo Apple B.O.O

On my last workout post here I was going to continue to focus on weight training.  Clearly that is still and area I need to improve on.  I did a lot of travelling towards the end of September, and although one can make the case that sight seeing and walking through airports counts as exercise, I don’t track those things when I’m travelling.  Well, because I’m travelling :).

My Pilates classes were a constant these past two months. I really like those classes so that’s not likely going to change. October is ending(OMG), and the holiday season is right around the corner. This is usually the time that I try to get even more focused with my workouts. I look it as my jump start on the whole New Year resolution thing, it’s like I’m giving myself a two month head start. Also the holiday season is the time you’re most likely to run into all kinds of random people from back in the day and you want to be looking fierce when that happens. What…. is that just me?

I’ll post the log for October once the month is over. My goals for November and December are:

1.) two strength training sessions/week
2.) four hours of cardio/week
3.) two Pilates classes/week


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