A week in May

Hi folks,

Thanks for stopping by this little corner of the Internet. I hope you are doing well.

In the past week I met up with friends. The bread pudding pictured was a solid C. I hadn’t seen most of them since before Covid. We laughed about how hard it was to plan a get-together as adults. One person didn’t show up but they were reportedly sick so we gave them a pass. The murders in Buffalo, NYC put a damper on the mood but we pressed on. There really are no words for that type of evil.

I got a poster I picked up from the Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibit in NYC last month framed. I think the framers did a good job.

I stopped by my local florist and contemplated buying some succulents. I left them because I remembered I still need to repot the one and a half aloe plants I have at home.

I hope you all have a great week!




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