2023 Year in Books



Hi folks,

I did not meet my reading goal for 2023. I read 14 books in 2023.  My goal was 24. I did read twice as many books as I did in 2022. In full transparency some of the books I read in 2023 were not even books I picked. They were part of a group read situation.

I’m setting the same goal of 24 books for 2024. I think two books a month is reasonable. In past years(before 2020) I got a lot of my reads from the library. In the past couple of years I’ve found that most of the books I want to read have ridiculously long wait times. It’s like everyone else found out that you can download e books and audiobooks from the library all at once. In the old days I’d read a book from the library and if I loved it I would buy it. I don’t generally buy new releases because I prefer paperbacks and it takes a while for the paperback edition of the book to be released. So, (insert very tiny violin here) I’ve been in as they say a slump. I may have to take it all the way back to like 2019 and actually drive to the library and see what they have going on the shelves. I’ve even considered getting a kindle. I’ll keep you posted!

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